Penn Rowing Camp

Penn Sparks Rowing Camp will run this summer, August 2-6 out of the Madeira boathouse on boathouse row in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The camp will be run on a platform provided by Sparks Consulting, a professional rowing camp firm – and more details can be found on Sparks’ website.

Penn Coaches’ Summer Rowing Camp

The camp is staffed by the current coaching staff at the University of Pennsylvania. Students will stay in the dorms at Penn, tour campus, and be challenged to picture themselves as Penn student athletes.

Penn Sparks Rowing Camp

What are Your Goals?

Extending Sparks mission in college counseling, this camp’s mission is inspire and raise athletic and personal awareness via putting students in the place of Penn student athletes for 5 days. Students tour the Penn campus and listen to Penn coaches talk about their philosophy on the sport and specific campers’ rowing abilities from that point of view. This camp includes a prior goal setting component and a private coaching component, which is standard across all of Sparks summer rowing camps.

The goal setting component is completed by students prior to camp and used by coaches to both guide students and teach in regards to reasonable expectations for the sport. Private coaching occurs once a day whereby campers are able to meet with staff one on one to discuss their rowing and/or goals for the future.

Campers will be evaluated at the beginning of camp and placed in boats accordingly – though they may be switched during the week. Practice sessions are used to consider specific aspects of technique, and we work to follow a specific teaching plan over the week. Camp generally ends with racing.

Sparks and Penn Rowing Camps also employ the same top in country ratio of coaches to campers that Sparks has proven and found successful. Implementing this ratio provides structure that serves to make camp both more educational – and more fun.